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Better Than Black Friday Sale – What’s Included

Better Than Black Friday Sale

Yesterday I mentioned how this year, instead of doing a Black Friday Webinar where you had to be on the webinar all day to get the good deals, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are doing a weekend long “Better Than Black Friday Sale” where you can get great deals on products now throughout the weekend.

I can’t believe how many of their products they’ve included…I know you’re going to like them, and you’ll be surprised at what they’ve included.

The best part is since it’s not a webinar this year, you can buy it anytime this weekend, and you have more than just a few minutes to decide what you want!

It just started, and I wanted to share what products you’ll get great deals on:

  • WP Enlighten (1 FREE license, regularly $99.95 for a 3-site license)
  • 6 Figure Baby ($4.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Webinar Pitch Secrets ($9.95, regularly $49.95)
  • WP Secure Pro 2.0 ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Content Forever ($44.95, regularly $99.95)
  • Absolute Productivity ($29.95, regularly $49.95)
  • 7 Minute Articles ($24.95, regularly $39.95)
  • Domain Clout ($1, then $49.95/mo, regularly $79.95/mo)
  • WP Squeeze Pro ($49.95, regularly $97)
  • Click Click Letters ($19.95, regularly $49.95)
  • Ecover Wizard Pro ($22.95 for 1 year, regularly $19.95/mo)
  • 6 in 6 coaching ($299.95, regularly $582)
  • Webinar Legend ($149.95, regularly $479.95)
  • WP Split Tester Pro ($29.95, regularly $99.95)
  • WP Twin ($79.95, regularly $297)
  • Double Your Productivity for Life ($19.95, regularly $39.95)
  • …and more!

These are some incredible products…and I can’t believe how low the prices are.

If you want some great deals on some really good content that you’ll learn a lot from, check it out now.

Just make sure that you don’t forget about it, or you’ll be really upset on Monday morning!

See what’s included in the Better Than Black Friday Sale now:

See What You Want from the Better Than Black Friday Sale!