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Create a Flood of New Customers – Free Training Tomorrow from Dan Kennedy + More

Dan Kennedy - Create a Flood of Customers

Last Thursday I wrote about how Dan Kennedy will be doing a free training tomorrow, Thursday February 27th.

If you haven’t signed up yet…I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it, because I really think you should be signed up for it. It will really be worth your time.

Dan Kennedy is one of the original marketing and sales gurus, and he will be revealing his “3-Step Blueprint On How To Create A Flood Of Your Ideal Clients Who Want To Do Business With You” on a one-time only FREE online event.

He’s also giving you his Mind-map that outlines the strategy for “creating” your perfect customer, client or patient.

Request your free copy of the mind-map and reserve your spot on at the one-time event by clicking below.

You’ll also get access to five new, short training videos that are designed to get you ready for the free training event that
reveal strategies to help grow your business now.

So if you can’t wait to get started…

Get immediate access to the mind-mad and business strategy videos. (New ones will be uploaded daily!)

During this strategy rich training, Dan will reveal:

  • 4 secret keys to creating irresistible offers that get customers rushing to buy from you and the unique components every offer must include…miss these and it could well fail.
  • The Famous Three Step Strategy that attracts your ideal clients, customers and patients to you like a magnet. This simple strategy alone has revolutionized countless businesses!
  • Why the ability to “magnetically market” your business is THE most important skill a business owner or entrepreneur must master… more important than operations, product development, accounting, etc. ANYTHING.
  • The PRECISE meaning of the term “Magnetic Marketing” and why getting this right matters critically to how you design ALL your promotional campaigns.
  • A simple trick that enables you to apply the power of the “Marketing Triangle” to your business even in this confusing age of onrushing technologies and media options.
  • The BIGGEST mistakes people make when choosing a target market…most follow a twisted path to nowhere and they find their business gasping for air and survival…AVOID THIS!
  • An EASY step-by-step process for defining exactly WHO makes up your target market and your IDEAL customer PLUS how marketing to only them will make you more money.
  • The ONE biggest mistake most people make when creating a marketing piece… it’s mind-numbingly SIMPLE. PLUS how to avoid this mistake…at all costs.
  • …and a whole lot more.

Don’t miss out…get your mind map, free videos, and sign up for the free training now:

Sign up for Your Free Dan Kennedy Training Now!