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Million Dollar Sales Video Formula – You Won’t Believe What Alex Jeffreys Did With One Video!

In 2008, Alex Jeffreys recorded a seemingly ordinary sales video. He whipped it up with mostly free software, and a $7 microphone that was impossible to mistake for professional quality.

Nobody thought it would make waves. Even he didn’t expect it to earn more than $10-20k when he quietly launched it. But only 7 days later, he’d done $297k in sales. Over the full life of the video, Alex earned a whopping $1.1 million.

Now for the truly exciting part.

After YEARS of speculation about how he did it – Alex is finally ready to reveal the truth. You can discover the answer for yourself in Million Dollar Sales Video.

Available for the first time EVER…Million Dollar Sales Video Formula.

He’s doing this offer on a “dimesale” format. That means with EVERY purchase, the price goes higher.

But don’t worry – at the time of this writing, it’s still at a really low price. So don’t hesitate, as I know the price will go up as a lot of people will want to buy this.

Learn how to create a million dollar sales video:

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