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Tweetpressr – Use This to Make More as an Amazon Affiliate


If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you’re probably always looking for smart ways to get targeted traffic.

If so, you have to check this out.

We all know that Twitter disapproves of Amazon affiliates spamming their feeds with links, so when this solution came out, Amazon affiliates are jumping at the chance to check it out.

What Twitter is famous for, is sending buyer traffic to sites and users being much more likely to buy when they reach the site!

So, you build your Amazon site in the usual way, and then the Tweetpressr plugin will enable you to create a niche focused, authority feed with related images and all of those will direct traffic back to your own site!

Using simple to set up RSS & Reddit feeds, the plugin literally builds your Twitter Accounts on autopilot!

Not only that but this amazingly clever plugin even AutoRetweets based on:

  • #hashtags
  • @names
  • keywords

The hassle of actually finding related content to build your Twitter account was the only objection raised by affiliate marketers and the concern over having Amazon direct links all over an otherwise empty feed.

Now – those worries are gone. Let Tweetpressr develop your accounts in the most popular niches, send targeted traffic back to your site where all your Amazon links will be waiting or mix up your feed with promotional links directly to your Amazon related products!

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