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What to Sell on Fiverr – 5 Videos Helping You Make Money with Fiverr

What to Sell on Fiverr

When you think of Fiverr, you probably think of all of the services that are bought and sold for $5 each.

But did you know that you can sell products on Fiverr for $5 as well?

It’s a great price for an introductory product. You can get a great list of buyers that way, who will then hopefully buy from you in the future.

What’s even better?

Since not as many people are doing it, there isn’t quite as much competition.

Before you start selling on Fiverr though, there are some things you should know in order to help you get more sales.

There is a new WSO that includes 5 videos showing you what to sell, and how to sell on Fiverr.

It includes:

  • Video 1: Overview on why you should sell on Fiverr
  • Video 2: What you can and should sell on Fiverr
  • Video 3: Looks into recipes (a saturated market on Amazon’s Kindle)
  • Video 4: How to create your gig
  • Video 5: How to create your video for your gig

It sounds pretty basic…but how cool would it be to be selling a product where there isn’t as much competition?

Think about all the sales you’ll make…and the more people you have introduced to you…the more you can sell to later as well with bigger products!

Learn What to Sell on Fiverr Now!