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2 Conversion Rates You Must Care About (Daily Deal Builder)

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There are 2 different types of conversion rates that all businesses should take special note of.

And you should care about your conversion rate, because you want to get the highest conversions possible, so that you can make the most money that you possibly can. It’s easier to get higher conversions than to get more traffic!

    1. Your optin conversion rate: If 100 people visit your site or store, how many people subscribe and enter their email address.Raising this conversion rate is the second best thing you can do. You can get the same amount of
      traffic, but achieve far greater results.
    2. Your sales conversion rate: If 100 people view one of your offers, how many people buy the offer?Raising this rate is the easiest way for your company to grow your bottom line without more traffic and advertising.

Daily deal sites have been publicly known to have some of the highest optin and sales conversion rates of any website.

Think about it. How many internet marketing squeeze pages have you recently seen that simply model
LivingSocial or Groupon? Simple call to action, slick background image, and a real incentive for the
visitors to want to be subscribed and see emails.

This company has been directly involved in the deal space since its inception and they love nothing more than helping successful companies, small and large, increase their bottom lines, raise their conversion rates, and grow their audiences.

Their experience and clients have proved that when you implement deals properly, you will:

      • Increase your brand awareness & loyalty.
      • Grow a hyper-responsive and segmented email list.
      • Grow your bottom line revenues.
      • Capitalize off of an explosive industry.
      • At a price that will absolutely shock you!

There is nothing to lose, everything to gain, and these guys have put together a really solid, hype-free, presentation that explains it all.

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