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7 Figure Commissions – Richard Newton Changed This Guys Life in 30 Days!

7 Figure Commissions

Richard Newton has just released a brand new documentary on Internet Marketing where he takes a complete newbie named Jonathan and changes his life in just 30 days!

Seriously this is a very heart warming and inspirational video that will show you success isn’t hard when you got the right tools.

I don’t want to spoil the video, but after watching it, there’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

In fact Richard is offering to change your life too, just like he did for one lucky person in that video.

The whole documentary spans one whole year into Jonathan’s life.

It shows how he started, to making his first bit of money, to even buying his dream car, taking vacations & buying his own house!

We all hear about these success stories, but no body has actually ever documented one all on film.

The best part is, how Jonathan made his fortune is all revealed and you too can copy him!

I highly recommend you watch this inspirational & heart warming video:

Watch the Inspirational Video Now!