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Alex Jeffreys – The Super Funnel Challenge

The Super Funnel

I’ve heard of some interesting challenges to come out of Internet Marketing events, but this is crazy.

I have no idea what I would do if someone challenged me like this. Good thing they went to Alex Jeffreys!

You see, the top Internet earners don’t just follow systems.

They invent their own.

Recently Alex Jeffreys was dared to set up an entirely new online income stream in just 7 days. But there were some interesting rules set up.

  • He couldn’t use his own list
  • He could only use free traffic
  • He had to profit at least $1000 in 7 days

The challenge and rules were laid down by a drunken dinner guest at a recent marketing event.

The results were a powerful 3 step system that went on to create over 21K in 7 days…

This is the most current, revolutionary method of earning online today. It’s just about the opposite of what anyone else is teaching.

And it flat out works. In any niche where people are spending money.

Without a list. Using free traffic. And no need to even create a product.

With how great the price is, this won’t be around for long. Seriously..you’ll think there was a typo!

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