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Automate the Building of Pinterest Boards with Pinpressr


There are a number of highly profitable niches in Affiliate Marketing – weight loss, fitness, health, hobbies, gaming, and more are just a few.

But the thing about those niches is, they are all filled with tons of blogs!

They also have a ton of products ready to promote and build a site around and they all sit on Pinterest popular niches!

Why is Pinterest the best platform for affiliate marketers? Because the niches we work in suit this platform and the users are already in buyer hungry states.

A new software just launched that is going to make sending highly targeted traffic to your affiliate sites, even easier! The plugin builds boards while you sleep and every pin sends traffic back to your site where the feeds are collated.

To ensure the plugin is whitehat, all the original sources can be added too!

You can build a ton of affiliate sites and never see any traffic, but Pinpressr is an affiliate marketers delight! Sending free HIGHLY targeted traffic to your sites from pin boards built for you!

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