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Closeout Week 3: 2 for 1 Discount on Small Reports Fortune and iPremium Products

Small Reports Fortune and iPremium Products

Jimmy D. Brown is now halfway through his closeout sale.

This week is something really exciting as neither of the products included in this have ever been discounted before, but today you can get them both for the price of one.

The first one is called iPremium Products where you’ll learn how to create your own $97 product in 48 hours or less.

Think about it. It takes the same amount of work to sell 100 copies of a $10 product as it does 100 copies of a $97 product.

If you sell 100 copies of a $10 product, you’ve earned $1,000.
If you sell 100 copies of a $97 product, you’ve earned $9,700.

Which would you prefer?

If you’re not quite ready to create your first $97 product, you’re going to love Small Reports Fortune.

In this course, you’ll learn that if you can write 7-15 page reports, you can create highly profitable “bundles” that you can sell for any price – $37, $97, $297, or even $997 per order.

Now imagine you use a combination of both small reports and $97 products in your sales funnel. See how easy it can be to start earning a full time income?

Here’s what you get with Small Report Fortune:

  • Session 1: How to choose a highly profitable market
  • Session 2: How to find the perfect idea for a small report
  • Session 3: How to write p.a.g.e.s. of high demand content
  • Session 4: How to package, price, and position your small report
  • Session 5: How to create a small report mini-salesletter
  • Session 6: How to s.e.t.u.p. a website to sell your small report
  • Session 7: How to turn small reports into a six figure business

Here’s what you get with iPremium Product:

  • Section 1: 4 shifts to create premium products
  • Section 2: What does a $97 product look like?
  • Section 3: The process timeline for creating $97 products
  • Section 4: Jimmy’s #1 strategy for creating $97 products in 48 hours
  • Section 5: How to create your video product
  • Section 6: 7 proven ways to add value

…plus a lot more!

You really need to check out what comes with each of the products. Even if you don’t end up buying, you’ll get some great ideas on what types of things you can include in your own future products.

This is a great offer, but just like the others, it’s only available until Thursday night.

You’re not going to want to miss this one:

Get iPremium Products and Small Reports Fortune Now!