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Contentaire Deal – Templates, Fill in the Blanks, Ideas, and More (through Thursday)

Contentaire - Closeout Special

I hope you’ve been enjoying Jimmy D. Brown’s weekly closeout specials as much as I have.

While I had already owned most of them, I was able to pick up a few things that I didn’t, so I was very happy.

Today’s closeout special is on something that I had purchased when it first came out, and I paid full price without getting all of the extras that you’ll get – and it was totally worth it.

The main part of the special is on Contentaire.

Contentaire is over 700 pages of fill in the blank templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training materials, and idea starters.

If you’re having problems writing anything from articles to reports to sales letters, this content will help you. Every time I go into one of the zip files (it’s so big that he’s separated it into multiple zip files!) I’ve always found something very helpful.

It really makes it easier and faster to write, no matter what it is you’re trying to write. I’ve found the fill in the blank templates especially helpful, and have used them on multiple occasions.

What’s great is as part of the closeout, you not only get Contentaire, but a lot more.

Here’s what you get as part of the week 6 closeout special:

  • Contentaire – Over 700 pages of content described above (sells for $97)
  • Workshop at Home Curriculum – Learn how to create your own 4 week e-class (sells for $197)
  • InfoCoach Curriculum – Learn how to create your own 4-day eClass (sells for $197)
  • Lucrative Licenses Curriculum – Learn how to write and sell PLR licensing to your own 500 word articles (sells for $197)
  • $97.00 “Kitchen Sink” Pack – Additional reports and manuals from various products and unreleased materials. This package is worth more than you’ll pay for the entire closeout special deal!

Just like the other closeout specials, this is only available until Thursday night at midnight:

Get Contentaire and More Now!