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CopyBuilder – He Made Over a Million Dollars with No Copywriter?


Writing copy can be very difficult.

Believe me, I know. Every time I’ve tried to write a salesletter, I wonder if I’m using the right words, writing it in a way that will get customers, and think about so many other things.

Sure, you can always hire a copywriter…but a good one is going to be expensive.

Here’s another option for you:

CopyBuilder was just released, and it eliminates the need to know anything about copywriting – saving you a fortune because you won’t need to outsource even a single word – ever again.

Using just a few clicks of the mouse, CopyBuilder will let you have great copy that you can use to make more sales from the same amount of traffic.

Whether you want to make an ultra-converting Video Sales Letter script (that the gurus are using) or just a regular sales page that gets visitors to buy, CopyBuilder lets you do it effortlessly.

Alex and his partner have been using CopyBuilder, and one month they made $700k with it. Their students are already getting incredible results, and some are making 5 figures a day.

It sounds nuts, but if you make even a fraction of that, won’t you be thrilled?

The price is going up tomorrow, so check it out now:

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