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Countdown Monkey – Boost Your Conversion Rate!

Countdown Monkey

I’m sure you’ve seen first hand the immediate benefits of using a countdown timer, whether it’s on a sales page, landing page, bonus offer, or anywhere where someone needs to boost response.

It can really help you earn more, since people see the limited time that they have to make a decision about something.

But up until now, nothing in the marketplace has done exactly what many want it to.

The main issues some have complained about with every countdown tool were: hard (or impossible) to install/use scripts or plugins, countdowns breaking with other scripts on the page, countdowns not working in mobile browsers or smart phones and erratic behavior based on whatever browser someone visited your page with, just to name a few.

But Jeremy and Simon just released Countdown Monkey, and this is changing everything:

  • There is nothing to install
  • It’s fast and easy to use
  • It works on all HTML pages
  • It works on all PHP pages
  • It works on WordPress blogs
  • It works in every browser
  • It works on mobile devices
  • Date and time countdowns
  • Evergreen countdowns
  • Worldwide timezones
  • Multiple counters per page
  • No 3rd party script clashes
  • Expire with auto-redirect
  • Expire with hide it option
  • Multi-launguage support
  • Flexible styling support
  • Cool animation variants
  • 24/7 support included
  • Help videos and free updates
  • 100% money back guarantee

NO other script, software or plugin does ALL of the above – it’s time to change to Countdown Money.

If you’re quick enough to get in during the Early Bird launch week pricing you’ll get a huge discount as well!

If you have any questions, simple read the FAQ at the bottom of the page here:

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