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Countdown Monkey – Do You Use the Most Powerful Selling Trigger?

Countdown Monkey

Whether it’s the new iPhone from Apple, a launch for a new gaming console, or even the latest Internet Marketing product, if the public fears that there are limited quantities available, chances are they’ll purchase the second they get the chance.

Just take a second and think about people waiting in line for days to get tickets to see a concert, or get the latest iPhone. People don’t want to be left out!

The truth is that companies use scarcity tactics all the time as part of their marketing, and they do it forone simple reason.

It works.

We’re hard-wired to want to be part of something that’s exclusive or to own something others will never have. We simply can’t resist and it’s a motivational trigger that works on everybody!

I’m talking about people getting:

  • 350% increases in sales conversion
  • 20% increases in opt-in conversion
  • DOUBLING of affiliate sales and commissions

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There is nothing to configure or install, no learning curve, and it looks great.

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NO other script, software or plugin does everything this can do, and it works on every browser, device and blog/webpage.

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