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Easy App Formula: Do You Know How Much a Flashlight App Earns?

Easy App Formula

It’s amazing how some seemingly simple and obvious phone apps are making a killing online.

Here’s a great example.

Have you ever heard of the flashlight app?

Its an app for Smartphones (like the iPhone) that turns on the camera flash and leaves it on until the user clicks a button to turn it off.

The light is so bright that its just like a high powered flashlight.

This simple little 99 cent app just recently sold one million units!

That’s just one example of a stupid simple app that’s making a killing.

You might think that’s just a fluke…but its been repeated over and over again.

For example, Matt Rhodes, who is a smart internet marketer but could not code his way out of a wet paper bag…just recently released a silly little game that earns him as much as $125.00 per day.

You can find out more about Matt and his app/game experiment here.

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