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Easy App Formula: It’s Easy to Have Your Own Money Making Apps!

Easy App Formula

Recently I told you about Matt Rhodes and how he was making residual monthly income from his silly game app.

Like I said then, Matt cannot code at all.

He simply outsourced the creation of his game app (cheaply) and now has this nice residual income stream that his game generates.


There are many different ways you can profit from your own apps:

  • You can sell the app for a small price.
  • You can give the app away and make money from advertising.
  • You can give the app away but have upgrades that are purchased.
  • You can use the app to build a list which you then monetize.
  • A combination of one or more of these ideas.

Go check out Matt’s story now and learn why it’s now easier than ever to create your own profitable apps:

Learn How to Create Your Own Apps the Easy Way!