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eCover Authority – Sell More of Your Product with Better Cover Graphics

eCover Authority

You know that graphics sell things better right?

So you make sure you have pretty graphics on your blog pages.

But what about your product?

Did you know that you’ll sell more copies of your product if it has a nice graphic cover?

The problem is it can be expensive to get one created for you, plus you have to try to explain what you’re looking for, and if the person doesn’t get it…well, then the graphics just won’t look how you want them to.

But Chad Eljisr and Cass Tyson just released eCover Authority, so that you can create your own eCovers nice and easily.

This will help your site stand out, and you’ll be able to make more sales.

Here’s why you need eCover Authority:

  • Over 100 design templates
  • It’s easy to use
  • 2d flat covers are included
  • High quality 3d renders
  • Tons of graphics are included

At the site you can see some great examples, as well as watch a demo to see how you can create your own eCovers!

Get eCover Authority Now!