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Email Marketing Mastery – Today’s MyNams December Daily Deal

MyNams - Terry Dean Email Marketing

Every day when you check your email, I bet you have a LOT of new ones.

Am I right?

The question is, why is your inbox always full of emails, every single day?

Plus, I bet you don’t open all those emails – I know I don’t. But you do open some of them.

Why is that? And how do you decide which ones to open?

There’s a secret behind crafting enticing emails that you want to know and learn so that when you write emails yourself, they get opened and read almost hypnotically.

Today, the third day of MyNAMS’ December Deals Days, you get that valuable chance to know these secrets and learn the trade from an expert, nothing less.

This 4-hour microworkshop – Email Marketing Mastery with Terry Dean – has never been released outside of the MyNAMS Insider Group.

But today (and today ONLY), you can have it at a deeply discounted rate from it’s original $197 value.

Here’s what you learn from Terry Dean, a 17-year internet marketing veteran and email marketing genius, in this product:

  • Why and when to confront your audience and when to stroke them with appreciation.
  • How to get to know your audience better.
  • What makes you different from your competition.
  • How to tell stories that result in sales.
  • How to get a week’s worth of emails done in 60 minutes.
  • How to improve your optin conversions with your confirmation email.
  • Why congruency is key to turning a prospect into a customer.

Having a list is part of the big challenge to a successful online business. An equally important part is getting your list to open your emails so that you to make money on demand. You certainly want to know how.

Make sure you get it before it expires tonight!

Get Email Mastery Now!