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Ezra Firestone is Giving You Free Amazon Spy Software Called CRYSTL

Ezra Firestone - Crystl Software

A BUYER engine is more powerful than a SEARCH engine and the reason is simple:

On sites like Amazon, people are already in the shopping state of mind.

They already have their credit cards in hand. All YOU have to do is give them what they are looking for.

But in order to do that you must know how to properly utilize these buyer engines.

Ezra Firestone’s Crystl Buyer Intelligence Software is designed to do just that. To help you properly use this buyer engine to its full potential.

Download the free software at the link below.

There’s more. Ezra has also included his Market Criteria Checklist because you DO have to sell something that people ACTUALLY want.

With both the Market Criteria Checklist and the Crystal Buyer Intelligence Software you will have the necessary tools to create your own Brown Box business.

If you think Amazon sends you those recommendations by accident, think again. They know a buyer is a buyer is a buyer, and that the more recommendations they make for things you’re more likely to buy, the odds are it’s only a matter of time before you give them your credit card.

Get your hands on Ezra’s Crystl Buyer Intelligence Software and learn how to stack the odds in your favor:

Get Your Free Amazon Spy Software Now!