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Free from Jimmy D. Brown – 3 Fill in the Blanks Salesletter Templates (Today Only)

Small Reports Fortune and iPremium Products Freemium

On Tuesday, Jimmy D. Brown announced his week 3 closeout deal.

Now that it’s Thursday morning, it’s time for him to give us another “freemium”.

Today, he’s giving away 3 fill in the blank salesletter templates. He says that out of all of his freemiums, this is probably the most useful, as we will use them over and over again.

I’ve already downloaded mine. Have you gotten yours yet?

There is no list to sign up for…just go to the page and get your free templates.

Right underneath the download, you can still get the week 3 closeout deal – both Small Reports Fortune 2.0 and The Premium Product System as a 2 for 1.

Just as a reminder, here’s what you get with each…

Small Report Fortune:

  • Session 1: How to choose a highly profitable market
  • Session 2: How to find the perfect idea for a small report
  • Session 3: How to write p.a.g.e.s. of high demand content
  • Session 4: How to package, price, and position your small report
  • Session 5: How to create a small report mini-salesletter
  • Session 6: How to s.e.t.u.p. a website to sell your small report
  • Session 7: How to turn small reports into a six figure business

iPremium Product (The Premium Product System):

  • Section 1: 4 shifts to create premium products
  • Section 2: What does a $97 product look like?
  • Section 3: The process timeline for creating $97 products
  • Section 4: Jimmy’s #1 strategy for creating $97 products in 48 hours
  • Section 5: How to create your video product
  • Section 6: 7 proven ways to add value

…plus a lot more!

If you want to be selling your own products, whether it’s premium, $97 products or small reports that you can bundle together, these will both really help you get there sooner!

Both the freemium and the great deal will be going away at midnight tonight…so don’t miss out!

Download Your Free Salesletter Templates Now!