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Paul Evans - Engage

Public speaking (in other words, communication) is the life force of business.

Bloggers speak through posts.

Twitters speak through tweets.

Podcasters speak through shows.

Teachers speak through education.

Authors speaking through writing.

Presenters speak through a platform.

Everyone speaks. Period.

How would you like to gain and keep the attention of your audience?

The honest truth is this…

Most “speakers” are boring.

There’s no reason that should be you.

Today at 1 pm CST, Paul Evans is hosting: “ENGAGE: Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer”

You will learn how to create a connection with your people and what to do when they drift off.

Paul gave his first public speech at age 12. He was being paid to speak by the time he was 16. And he still speaks multiple times a week more than 33 years later.

Here’s what I love about him. He’s conversational. You know how a lot of speakers sound dramatic, or sound like they are in constant “radio” voice? Paul isn’t like that. He’s down to earth and is the best person I know to help you become and incredible

And you’ve gotta love his positioning…

“Speak with Passion or Just Leave Me a Note!”

ENGAGE is free. Go here right now to reserve your seat.

You will not regret it and you WILL become a better public speaker regardless of your venue!

There will be a replay, so if you are not able to attend live you will still get this amazing training.

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