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Free Tonight: Live Q&A Hangout about Digital Publishing Blueprint with Ed Dale

Ed Dale - Live Hangout

I wanted to make sure that you know about the “LIVE Q&A Hangout” that Ed Dale, the creator of Digital Publishing Blueprint, is holding TONIGHT at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST.)

As you’ve probably already noticed, Ed Dale has released his full training and software for publishing your own digital magazine – or MagCast – on Apple’s Newsstand.

Get in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what
YOU have to offer.

… and he’s holding a LIVE Q&A Hangout tonight…

This is the same, step-by-step system where Ed and 350 of his successful students were able to gain over $1.25 Million customers in less than 11 months… with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

Whether you want…

  • more customers
  • more leads
  • more exposure for your business
  • …or anything else.

… publishing your own digital magazine is truly the “next BIG THING”, but it’s up to you to jump in while it’s hot, and so highly effective!

Not only do you not need a website, product, or a list to make it big with Digital Publishing Blueprint, but, you don’t even need an iPhone or iPad to achieve massive results as a Magcast publisher with Digital Publishing Blueprint!

Join Ed Dale’s Free Live Hangout!