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Free Video: Leaked Mind Map Shows When to Use These 13 Styles of Video

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins - 13 Styles of Video

If you saw my past few posts on Video Genesis, then you have seen some cool videos from Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime.

If you haven’t don’t worry, everything is all right here.

But things just gotten even cooler, if you can imagine.

While we for the doors to open on July 9th, Andy and Mike are giving away what might be the coolest little gem of this whole cool series.

Andy and Mike just leaked a cool PDF. It was to be part of the course, but now it is yours free.

It is a Mind Map of EVERY type of Marketing Video AND every type of Audio and Video equipment you will need to use with each style of Video. (Most you already own.)

Do you know all 13 Styles of Video?

A Better Question is, do you know What style of video to use for different landing pages?


What style of video NOT to use for certain landing pages?

Do you know when a Doodle video converts best?

When to use an Ugly Sales letter and when not to use one?

I can go on and on, but that is what the Leaked Mind Map does.

Now, if you also love the crazy antics these guys are doing and you want more fun while you learn, check out the Spartan vs Pulp Fiction knee-slapper in this video as well, it is hard to miss.

Andy couldn’t just let you have a Mind Map. No that was not good enough. The message had to be “bossy” so make sure to watch the “Trailer” at the end. It’s funny.

Get Your Free Mind Map Now!