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Free Webinar: Your First 90 Days – Start the Year Off Right!

Your First 90 Days

I can’t believe that the year is almost over. Do you feel the same way?

There were plenty of things I had wanted to get done this year that never happened.

If you feel the same way, and didn’t accomplish everything that you wanted to, you really need to be on this free training that Paul Evans is doing on December 30th. It’s called “Launch Your Year” and he’ll help us get momentum for the first 90 days of the year so that we’ll be able to get even more done with the rest of the year.

When you sign up for the free webinar, you’ll also get a 90 day journal which will help you plan out the first three months.

During the training, he’s going to show us how to:

  • Create an invincible 90 day plan.
  • Answer the one question that will rock your life forever.
  • Gain confidence and momentum heading into the new year.
  • Discover the secret to getting disciplined even if you find yourself compromising again and again.
  • Discover your theme for the year and your quarter. This helps you understand why you’re ding what you’re doing.
  • Become confident, clear and equipped to make 2015 your best year yet.
  • …and more!

Why do I say he’s going to show us? Because I’ve already signed up, and will definitely be on the training.

I want to make 2015 my best year ever, and am looking forward to starting the year off right. Join me, and we’ll make sure that we all have the best year possible.

Sign up for the free webinar:

Start Your First 90 Days of 2015 the Right Way!