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Fresh Store Builder V5 – Want Your Own Amazon Store?

Fresh Store Builder

Fresh Store Builder (version 5) just went live, and it’s the best one yet!

It’s the most customisable store in the business. There’s not just a huge variety of skins and templates, but you can even change the site content.

No more duplicate content penalties from Google = better ranking and more traffic for you.

Check out the video below – you’ll get the grand tour.

Note that this is Fresh Store Builder v5.

Yeah, you read that right. Version FIVE. This isn’t some fly-by-night plugin. This store-builder has been growing for years. Over 7,000 people use it in their Amazon businesses.

And in that time, it’s picked up some HOT features:

  • Auto-populate: Don’t want to find your products manually? No problem – just pick a category and let FSB fill your shelves for you.
  • 90-day cookie shopping cart: Guaranteed to maximize your commissions, and because the cart is built in to your store site, your customers are kept on your site until they’ve really filled their boots.
  • Customizable related products: Pick and choose which products to cross-sell to make sure your commission checks are fatter than ever.
  • Mobile responsive template: Your stores will look amazing on every device.

And the best part?

You can have it up and running in 30 minutes. Even if you don’t have any tech skills. After serving 7,000 customers, these guys have “ease of use” down to a fine art.

Go take a look right now – I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Right now they’re having a special deal to celebrate the release of v5, but it won’t be around for long…

Get in now before you miss out:

Get Fresh Store Builder Now!