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Get the Earn1KaDay Seminar Recordings for 2013 Now!

Earn1KaDay - 2013 Seminar Recordings

Dennis Becker hosted the Earn1KaDay Seminar just a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, and lucky for us, he recorded it.

While I was unable to attend, I know some people that did…and they came back saying that they learned a lot, and that the sessions were really great.

Here are the speakers that gave talks at the event:

  • Wilson Mattos, Barbara Ling, Connie Ragen Green,
  • Chris Miyamoto, Jason Fladlien, Nicole Dean,
  • Don Wilson, Justin Popovic, Jeremy Ginn,
  • David Perdew, Zane Miller, Ben Adkins,
  • Gene Pimentel, Chaz Key

Dennis has just gotten the recordings up for the event, so now we can get the same great info that those that attended were able to get.

You’ll get all of the speakers recordings (both audio and video)…even the unscheduled speakers that ended up doing a session, and there were three of them!

What is really cool is that last year there was an amazing book “What Happens in Vegas…Changes Everything” that they put out after the event, with speaker profiles, detailed notes from each session, and more. And while the book isn’t ready yet, if you get your recordings now, you’ll also get a free copy of the book once it comes out.

Find out more about the seminar, and what the topics were:

Get the Earn1KaDay Seminar Recordings Now!