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How to get 1,000 Opt-Ins an Hour with Facebook (Learn for Free!)

I love being able to share free tips to help you do better with your business.

Even as an Affiliate Marketing, you can use Facebook to help get more traffic to your site, and help make you more money.

Well, Ryan Deiss wants to share with you some of his new tactics that he’s discovering in his Digital Marketer Labs.

This tactic has helped him leverage Facebook to build targeted marketing lists as fast as 1,000 people an hour.

This trick has cut his ad costs by 35% – 50%, and is explained in the free video below.

I’m sure that normally Ryan would normally sell this type of thing for $100 – $200, but right now he just wants to show you the power of fresh information.

So if you’d like to learn how to get a lot of opt-ins with Facebook, make sure you check this video out!

Watch Ryan’s Free Video Now!