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IM Cartel – Partner with an Expert to Earn Royalties from Kindle

IM Cartel

Receiving royalties is a great thing.

You keep doing what you were doing, and you get money.

It’s even better than that, when someone else is doing all of the work!

Of course, this only makes real sense when the person doing all of the work knows exactly what they’re doing.

This is exactly what Ben Shaffer’s IM Cartel is.

Ben and his staff create Kindle books and publish them…while you sit back and collect royalties!

Ben has put something together which I think is going to change our whole industry.

He isn’t just putting his money where his mouth his, but his arms, legs and shoulders also!

This really is a great opportunity to get involved in something from the bottom up with one of the most talented and trustworthy people on the web.

You’ll get to make money from Kindle, without having to write or publish a single book yourself.

Someone know knows exactly what they’re doing, and has a proven track record already will be doing all of the work for you.

While it is fresh in your mind, I strongly suggest that you check
it out at:

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