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Imagepressr – WordPress Plugin Makes it Simple to Add Great Images to Your Blog Posts


When trying to increase the profits from your website, you’re likely to look at a lot of different things.

Did you know that one simple way to increase the profits is to add images to your website?

It may sound simple (too simple!), but images keep people on your website longer.

Reducing bounce rate is a key component of improving your SEO presence online, which of course gets you more traffic from the search engines.

Images have many purposes:

  • They keep visitors on your site longer.
  • They provide more opportunities for sharing.
  • They make more of a point of the content.
  • Images can engage your prospects.

The problem is that the time it takes to keep searching for images, loading them into your WordPress site
and then being always a little concerned that a legal letter might suddenly drop on your welcome mat makes finding reliable, attractive and SAFE images a chore.

That is until now…

Imagepressr is a unique plugin with special features!

This plugin is set up in seconds. Just install and off you go!

You can choose from over 180 million SAFE to use images and never worry about adding the correct permissions and authorship, because this plugin does it all for you.

What’s more, the creators have added a Pin It Button to increase the number of shares you get to your content!

You have to see this little beauty to believe it, but it will give you a great peace of mind, and your sites will be full of images!

So if you have a hard time finding reliable SAFE sources for images…take a look at Imagepressr!

Get Imagepressr Now!