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Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Since I’ve been sharing some affiliate programs that people can join in the Internet Marketing niche, I’ve gotten a few requests to make a list of them to make it easy to join them.

While there are a LOT of affiliate programs out there, especially in the Internet Marketing niche, I try to only list the best ones. These are (almost always) ones that I have promoted in the past, and have good quality products, and treat their affiliates right.

Please note that I am not always updating their current products on this list…so just because it’s on this list doesn’t mean that it’s currently available to promote. Sometimes products come off the market.

Here’s some great IM affiliate programs you can join:

  • HC Consulting Group Affiliate Program – This is Hollis Carter & Marc Horn’s affiliate program. They have some great software products you can promote, such as Daily Deal Builder and Video Sharing Empire.
  • Greg Jacobs Affiliate Program – Greg Jacobs has a product out right now called Mage Monster, and his software products have always been high quality.
  • Russell Brunson Affiliate Program – Russell Brunson has created many great Internet Marketing products over the years, and knows what he is doing. Since he is so well known, many people buy his products, so it isn’t hard to promote them.
  • Eben Pagan Affiliate Program – Eben Pagan is another well known Internet Marketer, and his products are well liked. He doesn’t come out with new products often, but when he does, the launches are usually very big.
  • Ryan Deiss Affiliate Program – His products are great, and not only do I promote them, but I buy and use them as well. I really recommend this affiliate program.