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Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos – Better Than Black Friday Sale Still Going On!

Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos - Better Than Black Friday Sale

On Wednesday, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos put on a webinar about their “Better Than Black Friday” Sale.

Unfortunately, I was only able to catch about a half of an hour of it. Did you make it?

If not, we both missed some incredible sales prices! They discounted a LOT of their products.

But so many people were upset that they missed it, that Jason and Wil decided to let us have discounts on the pricing for another 2 days.

So if you want to get discounts on the following products, don’t wait:

  • Video Mystic, WP Redirector, Speed Client,
  • Content Forever, Plugin Hotshot, Absolute Productivity,
  • Pro Niche Video, 7 Minute Articles, Domain Clout,
  • WP Squeeze Pro, Click Click Letters, Quick Fame Method,
  • Copy eClass, Bare Essence Squeeze Pages, Mind State Change,
  • Local Consults, 6 in 6 Coaching, WP Member Champ,
  • Offline X Factor, Easy Lead Method, Webinar Legend,
  • WP Englighten, WP Split Tester Pro, Point Blank Clients,
  • Tube Method, WP Twin, Members Lab,
  • Local Ad Scout, 48 Hour Report, S3Flowshield + 1000 Licenses,
  • QR Slip, Easy Redirect Script, Zero Cost Marketing Secrets,
  • …and more!

You’d be surprised at how good some of the discounts are! And if that isn’t good enough, one item that’s usually sold for $99.95 for a 3-site license, you’ll get free!

I purchased 2 items while on the webinar for the short time, and went back and now might buy another. The deals are that good!

Don’t miss out!

See Jason & Wil’s Discounts Now!