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Join Me in the Challenge: What Would Awesome You Do?

Nicole Dean - What Would Awesome You Do?

A few days ago, I heard about a challenge that Nicole Dean is doing with a bunch of people for April.

It’s called “What Would Awesome You Do?”

When I first heard about it, I thought it was a little bit silly.

But for some reason, it stuck with me.

When I was just relaxing on the couch, watching TV over the weekend, I was thinking that the awesome version of me would have been getting a little bit of work done, just so there would be a little less I had to get done on Monday morning.

It was enough to make me do that little bit of work.

So I figure Nicole is on to something!

So I signed up over the weekend, and am really looking forward to April 1st.

We all want to better ourselves, with our personal life and our business (and even to help the world)…so why not do what the awesome version of us would do?

Throughout the challenge, Nicole will give us ideas on what we can do to help us in all 3 categories…bettering ourselves personally, professionally, and by making the world more awesome.

I would love it if you’d join me. I think it will help us all!

Join Nicole Dean’s “What Would Awesome You Do” Challenge!