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Join The IM Inside Track – Just $1.99 a Month?!

The IM Inside Track

You may not know of Dennis Becker, but he’s just created what he’s calling his ”legacy project”, and it can really benefit you.

Before you say “I can’t afford to spend any more money”…you’d better read on, because believe me, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this.

It’s called “The IM Inside Track”, but has nothing to do with a Facebook group he’s created with that name.

Instead, you’ll find a few dozen of what will soon become hundreds of episodes. Each will be easily consumable as blog posts, podcasts, or PDFs. All in different topics, and can even be downloaded if you want.

Every week, at least 3-5 more episodes will be added.

It’s content includes things for beginners to more advanced marketers, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to learn something.

My favorite part (and what I’m guessing will be your favorite part)?

The price.

He’s only charging $1.99 per month.

And no, that’s really not a typo. Less than 2 dollars per month to be able to learn on many topics in the IM industry, with new content being added all of the time.

You really need to check it out…

Dennis has always over-delivered, but this is just incredible…

You can wait, but I guarantee that as more content goes into the membership site, he’ll raise the price. At this ridiculous price, how can you justify waiting?

Join The IM Inside Track Now!