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Landing Page Monkey – Create Awesome Squeeze Pages, Opt-in Pages, and More!

Landing Page Monkey

Let me ask you…how do your landing pages look?

You know…the page someone goes to when they’re supposed to sign up for something – a webinar, your list, etc…

Are they as professional looking as others out there?

If not, you have to check this out:

Landing Page Monkey just launched, and this app is what you’ve been looking for. In just a couple of clicks you can create beautiful lead pages, webinar registration pages, contest registration pages, and any other sort of opt-in page to build your mailing lists. Plus the app even tracks your impressions and conversions to help you optimize your campaigns!

Best of all, the pages are absolutely gorgeous, and you can even include background videos in a snap. These modern pages look like they were created by a high-priced web designer – no one will believe you created them in five minutes using an app.

You’ll love the way this app helps you build your lists and grow your business. Just look at some of the profitable ways you can use Landing Page Monkey to build your lists:

  • Build webinar registration pages.
  • Use it to collect contest entries.
  • Put up a squeeze page on your sales letter.
  • Create an opt-in page offering a freebie.
  • Generate a thank-you page with customer registration.
  • Create a rebate-request form.
  • Create a landing page where JV partners can get updates from you.
  • Send pay per click visitors to an opt-in page.

And much, much more. If there is a reason to put an opt-in form on a page, then Landing Page Monkey can build this page for you in the blink of an eye. Click the “clone” button, and you can create dozens of landing pages in just minutes.

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