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Live Boss-a-Thon from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins – Today!

Video Genesis - Live Boss-a-Thon

I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet…but I wanted to pass it along.

I just found out that Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins will be doing (FREE) LIVE video training today, starting at 4pm EST and going all the way through to 10pm tonight.

They’re calling it their “Mega Boss-A-Thon”, and I’m sure that you’ll learn a LOT about video marketing and how to make great videos during these 6 hours of live training.

Just as a heads up…if you go to the link any time before 4pm EST, you’ll be redirected to a replay of some training they did last week (also helpful!) …but at 4pm the link will bring you to their live Boss-A-Thon.

Join the LIVE Boss-a-Thon Today!