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Live Training Course on Kindle with Kristen Eckstein (Part of the MyNams December Daily Deals)

Today’s daily deal from MyNams is for a live webinar that will take place on December 19th. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, it will be recorded, and you aren’t going to want to miss it

Kristen Eckstein will be doing a 4 hour webinar where she’ll teach you how to be successful in Kindle.

Why is she the one to teach you?

Starting in August, Kristen started writing and publishing one book a week on Amazon’s Kindle.

Since then, she has increased her income by nearly 900%.

Not only will Kristen share how she did that, but she’ll talk about how she multiplied her income from books that haven’t sold a single unit at Amazon, how she drive several of her books to the top of Amazon best sellers lists without trying, and more.

Once the webinar is over, the Easy Kindle Publishing MicroWorkshop will be sold for $107.

Today only though, you can get it for $37.

Pre-Order the Kindle Training with Kristen Eckstein!