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LoveClaw: How Affiliates Rank Post Traffic Update

Chris Munch - LoveClaw

Until you master traffic generation, conversion tactics, offer selection, and ad placement are all of secondary concern for your affiliate site.

It may seem obvious that “traffic comes first”, yet it still alludes countless affiliate marketers!

Unfortunately, it’s harder for affiliates to rank for targeted traffic and buyer keywords than ever, now that Google has made a recent (and mostly unnoticed – it wasn’t publicized) update to its algorithm.

There is however, a solution that’ll get more traffic, higher rankings, more sales and more profits to your affiliate site, simply by taking a new direction, which the rest of the market is yet to catch on to.

It comes in the form of a simple widget you place on your affiliate site… which also comes with extensive training so you can ALWAYS pull at least 1,000 new visitors to you site, on demand.

This training + tool is currently 50% off for a LIFETIME license (it’s usually a monthly charge) and that deal goes away tomorrow, Thursday May 9th.

So act quickly and master traffic generation forever:

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