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Paul Evans Teaches You How to Create Your Signature Product

Paul Evans - Signature Product

Recently I posted about Paul Evans, and how he is going to release a 4 week intensive course on how to create your signature product.

It’s finally live, and I wanted to make sure I told you about it, because I think it will really help you with your business.

If you want to learn how to create a real, great quality product that you can sell for between $97 – $997, you need to check out the page below.

Not only will you be able to purchase the Your Signature Product course, but you’ll also learn a lot about why you need one, and how it can help your business.

Here’s what the 4 week course includes:

  • Module 1: Discover (Where you learn how to tap into your market and provide the perfect value for them.)
  • Module 2: Deep (Where you boil all your content down to the perfect solution for your market.
  • Module 3: Design (Where you learn how to package and produce your product simply and inexpensively.
  • Module 4: Delivery (Where you learn how to setup your checkout, download, access,, and follow up systems.

As you can see, this includes absolutely everything you need to know about creating your own signature product, from coming up with the ideas and how to put it all together and get it out there.

There are also some really great bonuses that will help you with your business as well, including:

  • R.A.W. Results – Human Achievement Accelerant
  • Build Your List

Classes are starting on Monday, so don’t wait! If you miss any of the classes, you will get the recordings, so don’t worry if you can’t make the calls live.

Learn more about the course now:

Learn How to Create Your Own Signature Product!