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Profits Vault 2013 Edition PLR from Jimmy D. Brown (Internet Marketing PLR)

Jimmy D Brown - Profits Vault 2013 PLR

Jimmy D. Brown sold his very first online product in 2000.

This, of course, has completely changed his life…and so now each year, Jimmy likes to celebrate the anniversary of his first online sale.

For the 4th year now, Jimmy is celebrating by putting together a huge PLR package that you can use to make money with your own business.

It’s called Profits Vault 2013.

Here’s what you get PLR to (visit the link below for a lot more details):

  • Blogging for Bucks: How to get hired for paid blogging
  • Business Changers: 10 truths for turbo charging your Internet business profit
  • Content Cashation: How to make money with content curation
  • From Zero to Profit: How to make your first $1,000 online
  • The Miniship Model: How to create a M.I.N.I. membership site
  • Order Boosters: 27 ways to create urgency and get people to order now
  • Resale ROI: 27 ways to get sellable goods without buying them
  • 27 Ways to build your business with joint venture partnerships
  • 50 ways to increase your profits in 60 minutes or less
  • Blogging as a business
  • How to make M.O.R.E. money from any business
  • Convert to cash follow up templates
  • Unpublished Productimity issue #1
  • Unpublished Productimity issue #2
  • List Fortune Formula (never released high end list marketing mentoring content)
  • Bonus: Profits Vault 2012 Edition
  • Bonus: Profits Vault 2011 Edition
  • Bonus: Profits Vault 2010 Edition
  • Fast Action Bonus: Membership Site in a Box Package

As you can see, this is a TON of PLR, and if you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, or the make money online niche (or want to get into it), this will surely help!

If you know anything about Jimmy D. Brown, then I don’t need to tell you that this PLR is very high quality.

In fact, before I wrote this post, I purchased this package myself! I didn’t want to miss out on the fast action bonus, and I know I’ll be able to use quite a bit of the PLR!

Find out more about all of the PLR you’ll get access to…and don’t wait too long or the bonus will be gone:

Get Profits Vault 2013 Now!