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Rebuild Aged Domain in 3 Minutes

Rebuild Aged Domains

Derek Pierce just released his new Rebuild Aged Domains system with a huge 48 Hour special offer at over 70% off.

This special price is only good for 48 hours, then will start to increase…

There’s nothing more powerful for ranking in Google than using your own private network of aged domains.

This system has 2 parts.

First, it has training on how to find the aged domains, and the criteria to look for to skyrocket your site to the top.

Second, it has a WordPress plugin that will rebuild your aged domains in under 3 minutes.

Here’s what’s you’ll learn:

  1. How to find the domains that can give you a boost (you’ve got to know where to look and what you’re looking for, and no, it’s not just focusing on high page rank.)
  2. Buying or bid on the domains you’ve found from step 1
  3. Finding out what’s under the hood – Here’s where many overlook the real opportunity with aged domains.So many only focus on the page rank of the the authority of the root domains.

    The fact is many of these domains often have massive amounts of inner pages that have page rank, backlinks and existing authority.

    It’s almost like finding any extra $20 bill in your pocket.

    And that leads us to step 4:

  4. Rebuild the aged domains with the existing inner pages that are already indexed and have authority in Google.

This could take hundreds of man hours if you had to do this by hand.

That’s where the Rebuild Aged Domain (RAD plugin) will rebuild these pages all in a matter of minutes.

Again, this is a complete system that comes with training on exactly what to do, plus the killer WordPress plugin.

All at over 70% off as part of this special launch.

Go here now and lock in this special price:

Get Rebuild Aged Domains Now!