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Second Chance: All 6 of Jimmy D. Brown’s Closeout Specials Available through Thursday

Jimmy D. Brown's Closeout Specials

Over the past 6 weeks, Jimmy D. Brown had some great closeout specials, and a lot of people took advantage of them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people also missed out, and have been flooding Jimmy’s help desk asking for another chance.

So he’s decided to give everyone one more chance to get the 6 closeout specials…but once Thursday night comes, they’re gone and you won’t get another chance.

Right now you now have a second chance to get any or all of the 6 closeout deals that were previously offered.

Here they are:

Again, you can get any of these packages now through midnight on Thursday night.

On Thursday, you’ll be hearing from me about getting a second chance at the freemiums as well!

This is the last chance. If you missed any of the above closeout specials and want a second chance, don’t wait. Check them out now!