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Serplify – Create a Local Site in Just 60 Seconds! (Easily Gets to the First Page of Google Rankings)


I’ve always like the idea of having multiple streams of income. This way if for some reason one stream suddenly went away, you wouldn’t be in trouble, you’d still be earning an income from the other streams.

That’s why I thought this was a really interesting idea. Especially since I’m pretty sure that you’re probably not already doing it, but it doesn’t look like it would take too much time, plus you’d automatically be getting a lot of free traffic from it.

It’s called Serplify, and it’s brand new. Once you log in, it’ll take you just 60 seconds to build a perfect local niche website on autopilot, and it’s ready to rank page 1 in Google.

If you go to the link below, there is a demo video of them setting up the entire local niche site in only 60 seconds.

I’m sure you know that if you’re high in the Google search rankings, you’ll be able to get a lot of free traffic, and therefore make more sales.

It sounds like a great idea. It’s something I’m not doing yet either, but focusing on a local area makes a lot of sense.

Since Serplify was just released, they have it on a special “introductory price”, but that’s just for the next 24 hours.

If you’re looking for a simple way to get a new site up, and want to start getting traffic without having to pay for it, I’d check this out:

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