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Split Testing Prices – Find out the Shocking Results!

As you hopefully know, you should split test everything you do. While you may guess what will work better and make you more money may not always be the case.

Take for example, pricing. You may think that you’d make more money the higher priced your product is (or the product your promoting in the case of Affiliate Marketing). But if the price is so high that no one or only one person buys it, you won’t make anything. So you need to find pricing that ends up making you the most money overall.

Again, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you may not think this applies to you. Well, first off, even if today you’re only an affiliate, you may still create a product in the future. Secondly, this can also help you when deciding what products to promote!

Well, Ryan Deiss runs a LOT of split tests…and he often reports the results of these tests to his subscribers.

He’s held some really good ones back too.

Ryan reserved his best tests and results just for his $25,000 a year mastermind members, and until now, this was meant just for them.

Why was he saving it? Because it instantly doubled his profits on every offer, EVERY time he tried it without fail. That’s why.

It’s so simple, you can implement it in less than 60 seconds if you have your own product.

So what is it?

Ryan calls it “compound pricing”, and you’ve probably seen it before, but didn’t realize how big of an impact it can have on your bottom line.

Ryan made a private video to show you exactly how powerful (and simple) this pricing tactic is, and how it makes him more money than all of the copywriting tweaks, bonus offers, proposal follow-ups, etc, that he could do in a year.

To see it right now, and instantly profit from this jackpot strategy, watch the video below.

Learn How to Double Your Profits!