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Engage Rocket – Untapped Facebook Traffic Loophole No Marketers are Using Yet

Engage Rocket

I’m amazed that the #1 visited site on the web with a user-base of over 1 BILLION people has a traffic loophole marketers are NOT using.

Well its true, and it’s totally untapped!

It’s called the ‘Open Graph’ of which you have probably never heard of, but seen.

Ever see status updates in your timeline or news feed like this:

  • “xyz is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify”
  • “abc just ran 3.5 miles in Downtown Atlanta using MapMyRun”
  • “xyz liked a photo on Instagram”


It’s where you see your Facebook connections engaging with things like books, movies, products, music, recipes, content, etc.

At this point only the large brands and apps are utilizing it.

…until now that is.

Now marketers can leverage the Open Graph to:

  • Increases Social Engagement
  • Generate Floods of VIRAL Traffic
  • Build an Email List on Auto-Pilot

The best part is that all of this VIRAL traffic is driven by CONNECTIONS on the Open Graph and this NEW form of Word-of-Mouth marketing!

Now your squeeze/landing page, product launch, webinar, Google hangout, giveaway, free gift can EXPLODE with viral traffic, while building an email list at the same time.

Stop wasting time on old-school Facebook sharing and paid ads.

Start UTILIZING the Open-Graph!

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