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Create Your Own Digital Magazine (No iPhone/iPad Required)

Ed Dale - Their Own Words

Learn how Ed Dale and others have used Apple’s Newsstand to:

  • Get in front of a network of 600 million people who will impulsively get (with 1-click) what you have to offer
  • Gain 1,000,000+ customers in 11 months.
  • Add 7,000 email subscribers in only 3 months.
  • Publish their own digital magazines.

…and how you can too!

It’s time to show you, exactly how to get the content, the pictures (without paying a cent for them) and show you the software that makes it possible and show you how easy it is to use…and how you don’t need any Apple gear at all.

Here’s just some of what he shares in this video:

  • How EASY it really is to create your own digital magazine.
  • The simple way to find articles for your digital magazine.
  • How to get professional pics for cheap (or free.)
  • The RIGHT way to create your own Magcast.
  • How to get your digital magazine created in just a matter of a few weeks.
  • Why we’re focused on Apple vs. Android (for now.)

Check it out now:

Learn How to Publish Your Own Digital Magazine