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Tee Inspector Software Uncovers Popular Teespring T-Shirt Campaigns

Dave Guindon - Tee Inspector

Dave Guindon just released a new software called “Tee Inspector”.

This new awesome software uncovers the top-selling t-shirt campaigns running on the massively popular Teespring site.

In fact, the product owner and developer, Dave Guindon, made $231,966.31 in just 3 months selling shirts using Teespring, and he developed this software based on his own methods for selling shirts!

Here are just some of the things that Tee Inspector can do:

  • Extract the top selling Teespring campaigns from Teeview by minimum number of sales, status, and goal reached.
  • Spy on Teespring campaigns by logging their daily sales using the Data Archiver.
  • Instantly search the Wanelo social network for t-shirt ideas and sort the data by popularity.
  • Search all the latest Teespring campaigns that appear in Google for the past 24 hours, week, or month.
  • See how many sales per day the top selling Teespring campaigns are getting.
  • …and more!

Dave also includes his own full-blown video training course showing you EXACTLY how he made over $200,000.

Plus, you also get access to a his private “Tee Profit Spy” web application that reveals daily sales for all the best-selling Teespring campaigns!

There is NOTHING like Tee Inspector or Tee Profit Spy available anywhere on the planet!

Make sure you get it now before it’s gone and the price goes up.

Get Tee Inspector Now!