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The Power of Plus – Your Complete Google+ Training Course

Google+ is the ONLY content based Social Network which indexes AND ranks your posts. From an SEO point of view, this is invaluable!

Unlike Facebook, Google+ has the power of the world’s largest search engine behind it. Google!

This means that Google looks upon content from your Google+ page more favorably than it does from other sources – therefore ranking it higher in search.

Of course, it is never as simple as it sounds – and there is so much more to Google+ than first thought, BUT the good news is that a brand new product by Sue & Dan Worthington has been created to help you build your authority using this, perhaps unfamiliar, but powerful social platform.

The product, entitled, “The Power Of Plus” is broken down into 4 major topic areas:

  • Getting Started
  • Organizing Your Account
  • Building Your Authority
  • Google+ In Action

You’ll also get a Google Hangouts ebook, checklists and worksheets, access to a VIP community, and a members only hangout.
It takes you from the basics, right through to helping you and your business become an authority, get found and make money using Google+.

How many hours per week do you spend on Facebook, either marketing or networking?

It’s difficult to put a number on it, I know! But if you spent just half that time on Google+ the results would be much more beneficial.

The Power Of Plus really is your complete Google+ training course – containing over 26 training videos, full transcripts, checklists, mind maps and some quality bonuses too, a complete over delivery for the price and one that I highly recommend you check out.

Did you know that Google+ has now overtaken both Twitter and LinkedIn, to become the 2nd largest Social Network – with over 360M users? Now that’s a hefty number of potential customers left untapped.

Wouldn’t you like to tap into this market with the upper hand?

Check Out The Power of Plus for Yourself!