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Unique Self Help Niche PLR Bundle (Personal Development PLR Package)

Personal Development Niche Kickoff

If you’re in the self improvement / self help niche, or wanted to get into it, you don’t want to miss this new release.

First off…the self improvement niche is huge, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

When you really think about it, a LOT of success in life – family, business, finances, relationships and so on, basically come down to MINDSET.

Helping people develop a positive mindset is the first major step towards success.

As an information marketer online, you have a massive opportunity at your finger tips when you really start to look at the self help niche.

The question is, how do you get started?

Today, a new self help PLR package has launched and it may very well change the way you look at the self help/personal development market altogether.

It is called the Personal Development Niche Kickoff Program and you can see the full details below.

Justin Popovic and Ted Payne are the guys behind Best Quality PLR and they recently launched a new PLR program called “Tools For Motivation” which focuses exclusively on self help PLR.

This program is bascically a done-for-you sales funnel that helps you break into the niche quickly and with a lot less effort.

Here’s a summary of the product:

Part 1 – Self Help Traffic Generators

  • 10 Positive Thinking articles 400 words each
  • 10 Positive Thinking mp3 audio files
  • 2 freebie reports repurposed from the articles
  • 30 custom made editable posters for social media marketing
  • A small rolodex of solo ad providers in the self help niche

Part 2 – Lead Capture

  • 3 squeeze page designs for you to choose from
  • A 5 part self help course, fully editable, give away to generate subscribers
  • A 5 part Autoresponder sequence to compliment the course

Part 3 – Stuff To Sell

  • 6600 word editable ebook about How To Be Powerful/Resourceful
  • eCover and editable artwork included
  • Sales Page, Download Page and Pre-written copy included
  • Coaching Sales Kit including…
  • A questionnaire to generate coaching leads
  • An Excel template for tracking coaching clients
  • A proposal letter to sell coaching

Part 4 – Sales Follow Ups

  • 26 part Autoresponder sequence
  • A list of self help affiliate programs you can promote in your follow ups

As you can tell from the break down of the content, this is a MASSIVE offer and if you have any plans to publish products or sell services in the self help niche, this will make it a whole lot easier.

Here’s the bad news. This is ONLY OPEN FOR 5 DAYS… so please make sure you take advantage of this ASAP.
Producing the content found in the Personal Development Niche Kickoff would cost thousands of dollars. However, you can pick up this package for much MUCH less and have a done for you sales funnel ready to go and helping you build a following in the lucrative self help niche.

Get the Personal Development Niche Kickoff Program Now!