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Use AmaSuite to Find the Top Selling Products on Amazon and Make More Commissions from Amazon

What if you had 4 different ways to earn cash online using Amazon?

Do you think that would help you make money with Amazon?

If so, you need to go to the link below and watch the video that Dave Guindon put up.

Basically, Dave Guindon (12-year online marketing expert and top software developer) and Chris Guthrie (an Amazon affiliate expert) have teamed up to offer one of the BEST Special Offers of the year.

Dave designed 4 powerful and unique Amazon research software tools. They are:

  1. The Azon Keyword Generator
    • Generate thousands of keyword opportunities from the Amazon search engine.
    • Use this tool to find exact match domain names that have high natural traffic
  2. The Azon Top 100 Analyzer
    • Extract the top 100 products for ANY category on Amazon for the following:
      • top 100 bestsellers
      • top 100 top rated
      • top 100 hot new releases
      • top 100 movers and shakers
      • top 100 most gifted
      • top 100 most wished for
  3. The Azon Product Inspector
    • Extract products from the entire Amazon site for any given keyword phrase.
    • This tool is very useful for finding hidden affiliate gems on Amazon
  4. AmaSync WordPress plugin
    • Allows you to import Amazon products that you find using the product inspector and top 100 analyzer.
    • Automatically creates blog posts and Amazon affiliate links from the products you find using the other tools.
    • Huge content creation time saver.

Chris Guthrie has included his very own “tried & tested” methods for earning massive commissions from the Amazon affiliate program!

BUT, this new 4-in-1 software with Amazon affiliate training is only available for 10 days!

Plus, the price will be going up soon!

So, with that said, right now is the lowest the price will ever be.

At the very least, make sure to watch the YouTube video on the page to see the methods to make money with this software:

Check out the 4 Tools in Action Now!