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Video Genesis is Back, But Not For Long

Video Genesis

It seems everyone I know got access to Video Genesis last month. It probably has a lot to do with the bonuses that were offered during the grand opening.

Why did everyone in our industry get this?

  • Anyone with a business knows better video gets better conversions.
  • No one can teach you better video marketing than Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime.
  • The price of products like this normally sells for $1997 and not the $247 (or Three payments of $97) low price that surprised everyone.

But the MAIN REASON everyone got access last month, and did NOT wait was because of the bonuses you see here:
Video Genesis Bonuses
There is also a video on the page that explains why these bonuses are so important and when you see it is it obvious why so many people got access last week before it closed.

So that leaves us with this question.

Why didn’t YOU get access?

It doesn’t really matter what the reason was. What does matter is that you now have a second chance.

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are opening the doors again, but only until Friday.

Yes, the bonuses will be back for a few days during the grand re-opening this week, and this week only. And once and for all when these bonuses go away they will be gone forever.

(Plus rumor has it that they also have some unadvertised bonuses that have some people utterly taken by surprise at the value.)

You have until Friday night to get access.

There is a reason why over 7,000 people are now making better videos.

If you were away last week, you can now get access to Video Genesis (over 50 hours of recipe style video training.)

Plus get all of these bonuses.

Don’t miss out!

Get Video Genesis Now!